Special Thanks

Students from EMA469 would sincerely like to thank the following people and organizations:
  • Professor Michael Corradini, Chair - Engineering Physics for his ongoing support of this contest.
  • Dean Paul Percy, College of Engineering for funding the prototypes.
  • Judges Ed Gisske, Nick Passint, and Ross Borchardt for generously giving their time to judge the contest.
  • The Wisconsin chapter of the AIAA for their generous contribution.
  • Past graduates from the Engineering Mechanics program for their generous contributions:
    • Chris Beck
    • Rebecca Broberg
    • Anders Brown
    • Tony Cook
    • Jessica Corbett
    • Stephanie Gill
    • Christy Modl
    • Dan Niedermaier
    • Nate Rosnow
    • Jennifer Rutt
    • Brewster Shaw
    • Robert Wilson
  • Professor Noah Hershkowitz for his generous contribution.
  • Frederick T. Elder and Associates for their generous contribution.
  • Professor A.J. Meier, University of Northern Iowa for her generous contribution.
  • Tony Bauer, Teaching Assistant for his help in the classroom and especially his help in organizing this competition.
  • Matt Hemke, Website Designer for his excellent work on this web page.
  • Thanks to the online audience for submitting excellent questions during the presentations (Sorry there was not time to answer all of them).

Prototype Sponsors

We would also like to thank the following people and organizations for donating time and materials for the prototypes.
  • Larry Walck at Mack Molding for his assistance and helpful suggestions on injection molded components for the Snowbility prototype.
  • Stratasys prototyping and manufacturing for donating a rapid prototype of the ergonomic hand rim for the Snobility prototype.
  • Dale Adams Enterprises Inc. for donating caster wheels for the Improved Over-Bed Table prototype.
  • GMP Friction Products for donating six composite metal brake pads to the Go Wheel prototype.
  • Lew-El Tool and MFG. for help with spring design, and for donating music wire for forming springs for the Go Wheel prototype.
  • Patty and Associates at Grainger Industrial Supply for their help with the Better Bottle Cleaner Prototype.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Engineering Physics
Madison, Wisconsin
Revised: 12/2/2008