EMA/ME Design Competition

Winners of the 2011 EMA Senior Design contest are the following. If you missed the presentations, please see the archived video via the CoE Mediasite We would like to recognize all participants for their substantial efforts this semester. We would also like to thank all contributors.

Second Place - $1000

Judges awarded the $1000 Second Prize to Rotorak. The Rotorak is a shelving system in which units can be rotated to allow ease of access to the shelves' contents.
Designed by: Jennifer Hull, Aaron Riedel, Alex Schwartz, Kelly Scott, Peter Sweeney

First Place - $2500

Judges chose The Pendler, an all in one bike accessory solution for the urban commuter. The Pendler is durable yet aesthetically pleasing, handles high loads, and extreme weather conditions while selling at a reasonable cost.
Designed by: Joseph Maloney, and Alex Cross

People's Choice

Taking almost 200 votes into account, the winner of the People's Choice award is team Truck Trolley.

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Madison, Wisconsin
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