EMA/ME Design Competition

Engineering Mechanics Senior Design (EMA 469) and Mechanical Engineering Senior Design (ME 349) challenges students to work as a team to design, develop, and prototype a unique, innovative, and marketable product. The EMA/ME Design Competition brings these students together to give them the recognition that they deserve for their hard work.

EMA 569

Once students have completed EMA 469, they have practiced all the skills required to bring an idea to fruition. In the second semester of the Engineering Mechanics Senior Design curriculum (EMA 569), students design a much more complex project-- a vehicle that is capable of carrying 500 pounds of cargo through space, the atmosphere, or the ocean.

Recognized Projects from Past Years of EMA 469/569

A number of projects from past years' classes of EMA 469 and 569 have received recognition.

NASA X-Hab Projects:

Badger Comet 2013

The design of a deployable 3D printer which facilitatess long-term space exploration and habitation. A 3D printer can manufacture virtually any item the crew requires. An onboard, collapsible 3D printer increases the crew's capability and comfort, while simultaneously reducing mission cost and alleviating storage constraints. Details about this project can be found at the UW-Madison Badger Comet page.

Lofts in Space 2010

A multi-disciplinary team of students, faculty, and industry were invited to compete in X-Hab, a year-long competition to design and build an inflatable crew quarters for possible use in future NASA missions. Details about the project can be found at the UW-Madison Badger X-Loft page.

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